Tanner’s Lambda Labs Experience

Learning a new technology

Our team’s biggest hurdle, both front-end and back-end, was integrating Stripe. Before writing any code we had to first get educated on Stripe and read as much documentation and, of course, YouTube videos. Once having a general idea on how Stripe works my teammate and I began implementing it.

The final product after 3 weeks

Our time with our labs project quickly came to an end. Although, I am super happy about how much we accomplished in such little time. Our shipped product to this point is a login/register for buyers and login for administrators. Once logged in a buyer can go to place an order for soap, fill out the order form and credit card information, if your order checks off on our backend the payment will go through and you will receive a receipt (you can also make an order as a guest as well). If you want to view your order history you can go to your profile to view them there. As an Admin, you can see a list of all orders placed as well as perform certain administrative duties.



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